Next Google PageRank Update 2013 | Next PR update expected dates

When will be Next Google PageRank update in the year 2013:

In our previous post we informed you about the Next Google PageRank update Date 2012, now in this post we will inform you about the expected PageRank update dates for the year 2013.

What is PageRnak:

PageRank is generally a link analysis algorithm which assigns a numerical weight to each URL. The PageRank varies from 0 to 10. it’s also confirmed by Google that PageRank affects the SERP position of any site.

Next Google PageRank Update 2013 | Next PR update expected dates

Expected 2013 Google PageRank Update dates are:

Google updates it’s Public PageRank (toolbar PageRank) 4 times a year, and here are the expected dates of these four major PageRank updates.

First Google PageRank  Update 2013:

Expected time: 25th February, 2013 – 2nd March, 2013

Second Google PageRank Update 2013:

Expected time: 5th Jun – 10th June, 2013

Third Google PageRank Update 2013:

Expected time: 20 Sep – 25th September , 2013

Fourth Google PageRank Update 2013:

Expected time: 28th  Dec 2013 – 3rd Jan 2014

NOTE: No one can exactly say the next PR update date, all the above dates are assumptions and based on the nature and timing of all previous PageRank updates.

9 Responses to “Next Google PageRank Update 2013 | Next PR update expected dates”

  1. I dont put any stock in google page rank. It means nothing anymore. Just work hard to build quality sites.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey sadek,
    Maybe DesignUtica is right, putting stock in Google page rank is not a good choice for small websites.But, there is a very big competition online, so if we do not have enough money to pay Google page rank, we should work very very hard.
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  3. I don’t put much weight behind Google pagerank either being that they give businesses the capability to purchase that rank. Seems unfair to the “little guys.” What do you think?
    Passive Income recently posted..Using The Internet and Social Media To Explode Your Business.My Profile

  4. Can you tell me google pagerank update in November or december 2012? I chekced my website PR in PR prediction checker it shows 2PR but still not updated. When will My website PR update?

  5. Love SMS says:

    I think this helps web masters.

  6. smart post. gave me an idea. thanks sadek
    mkb marketing business club recently posted..MKB Marketing Bootcamp Gratis CursusMy Profile

  7. Still wating for November 2012 Updates..

  8. Dan says:

    How do you calculate these expectations?

  9. Sreejesh says:

    Good that you posted these dates for the whole year, its helpful to refer at times. So lets wait till Matt cutts’ team at Google updates it by march the next year.


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